Product Branding:

TDS has a suite of technology-based products that provide better management of facilities security. ‘tdsvisitor’ is fast becoming one of the most trusted visitor management solutions in the world. Gaining further traction following a roll out in Google offices worldwide, we began to discuss giving tdsvisitor its own product branding in order to channel the growing market opportunity.

Product branding requires a deep understanding of the mother brand and the unique benefits of the product itself.

First, we challenged what we knew about ‘tdsvisitor’. We were well versed in the features and benefits and how it emerged from the tds stable through their wealth of experience and expertise in developing technical solutions for facilities and organisations. But how would the new brand stand on its own, as well as sit within the wider product portfolio?

Reviewing the brand elements, we decided that the word ‘visitor’ was key to the product branding and how new audiences would interpret the product on first viewing. It also allowed us to put a human-edge on the brand and communications designed in preparation for our client meeting new customers in Silicon Valley. After all, tdsvisitor isn’t just about technology-backed security; it’s about people and first impressions.

Together with the brand, we developed a range of launch materials, and developed a new product website that, would also stand on its own – providing the exact level of information and engagement required to inform potential customers and garner their interest, all the while leveraging the strength and experience in the wider organisation. Read more about product websites here.

We’re extremely proud to be playing our role in tdsvisitor welcoming over 40 million business visitors across the globe:


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