Bewley’s Speciality Tea Packaging

As Bewley’s brand partners for over two years, we were appointed to rebrand their exquisite range of ‘Speciality’ teas. Through our close engagement with the brand, we unearthed a rich and captivating brand history and a wealth of aesthetic influences that we used to inform the stories behind each of the ranges.

Black Tea
Black Tea speaks to voyage and discovery and celebrates the adventures and pioneering spirit of Charles and Ernest Bewley. It is the story of the Hellas Clipper, the ship that sailed from Canton, China into the docks of Dublin 185 years ago and changed the taste of a nation forever. The illustration reflects the family’s journey navigating the high seas and discovering new places and tastes as they broke the East Indian tea monopoly and introduced tea to Ireland.

Fruit & Herbal
The Fruit and Herbal ranges are the perfect expression of flavour and balance, and appeal to the adventurous palate. The packaging alludes to beautiful tea gardens, playful combinations and natural flavours. The designs take inspiration from the floral wallpapers in the Grafton Street café and exude a delicacy and elegance of a teahouse experience. The variants are almost fragrant in their differentiating pops of colour. A pearlescent shimmer on the print further enhances their appeal.

Green Tea
Green Tea draws on the ancient wisdom of the East; of respected relevance for the lives we live today and the principles we are seeking out for healthy living. We were inspired by the mystique of the Orient and the chinoiserie style used to decorate the ceramic caddies and elegant teacups in the Grafton Street café. Old and new cultures were merged within our pattern with local, modern references becoming visible on closer inspection.

Selecting excellent creative minds for the project was critical to its success, so the best Irish illustrators were appointed and engaged at a very early stage along with packaging and finishing houses to ensure an exceptional final result.


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